Founder Kelli Mondshein

My name is Kelli Mondshein and I am a creative. I love being in the Television and Film industry, as it allows me to be able to express myself in various mediums. The Television and Film industry has been a passion since childhood. Being involved in middle and high school television production classes and the crew was the inspiration to pursue a degree in the Television and Film industry. Gaining experience with video shooting, editing, content creation, and ultimately receiving my Bachelor's Degree from UCF in Radio-Television and Film has further propelled me to dive into this career path.


About Me

I thrive off of creativity and life! I have always found my niche to be anything that allows me to express myself creatively or creatively convey my client's mission statement. I enjoy writing stories, taking photos, filming videos, editing videos, designing flyers and logos, and turning ideas into something more fulfilling!


I believe in complexity hidden behind simplicity. In the same sense of not juding a book by its cover, I believe if you see something simplistic, there is more to meets the eye if you delve deeper behind the scenes to look at the roots.

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Why I Do What I Do

My inspiration for being creative is life in itself. There are many moments that you wish you could capture, as well as events that happen in life that are empowering and can mean something to many people. Fighting for a just cause and telling personal stories are two things that I am very passionate about, especially if it means that it can help and benefit others.


I believe in helping others and being a kind soul. I am a "yes" person and love doing what I can to help others. I am a huge advocate for mental health and doing what I can for those struggling or are fearful of seeking help. My goal is to help others through creativity, through the various mediums of videography, photography, writing, editing, and graphic design.


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