Partner Dan Mondshein

Dan Mondshein is the behind the scenes creative for JellyBean Media Productions. With a background and higher education in Business, Project Management, and Computer Science, Dan is a leader and manager that works both the business and technologies part of JellyBean. His focus also includes graphics, web design, and the IT Management side of the company. When not working alongside his daughter, Dan enjoys spending time with family and relaxing with his dog, Daisy.


About Dan

Dan Mondshein has always been interested in business, aerospace, and technology. After serving in the U.S Airforce, he found himself working at the Kennedy Space Center for over 20 years. Dan currently is involved with Business, Computer Science,  Radio-Television, Drafting, and Graphics at Eastern Florida State College. Dan also owns his own company Cyber Technology Solutions. 


Why he does what he does

Dan strives to help others succeed through the sharing of his background and knowledge.  


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